Seder Today

This Passover

Turn the Tables

on Gentrification

Our friends at Turn the Tables believe in raising complex issues that challenge our vision of a just society. We invite you to explore their bold vision for the Passover holiday.

“For this campaign, we’re focused on gentrification – the ways that economic, demographic and social changes affect residents of our neighborhoods. Through structured conversations at the dinner table and meaningful action following these dinners, we believe that we can come together to build more resilient and inclusive communities.

And Passover is a uniquely opportune time for us all to ask ourselves tough questions and offer multiple, even contradictory, perspectives. We train the youngest child to ask “Why is this night different from all other nights?” And, we offer four different responses. These different responses inspire us to see the nuance in all complex issues. It is with this nuance that we challenge each other to approach the conversation about the impacts of gentrification and the meaningful action to follow.”

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