Seder Today

Joshua Roman

Celebrated Cellist

Schelomo, Hebraic Rhapsody for Solo Cello and Large Orchestra - Ernest Bloch
In this piece, the cello plays the role of King Solomon in conflict with the orchestra, representing “his age, his world, his experience”. A struggle throughout, but for a moment of light, set again later with text by Bloch as “words of hope and ardent prayer, that one day men will know their Brotherhood and live in harmony and peace.”

Dark Days – Punch Brothers
A song for family and friends, one of community and faith in a love that will endure the darkest of times and come out the other side powerful enough to change the world.

Erbarme dich from St. Matthew’s Passion - Johann Sebastian Bach
Lutheran though he may be, Bach tapped into something universal here. A cry for mercy from God, one that transcends religion and holds true regardless of time and place.

Suite no. 6 in D Major for Solo Cello – Johann Sebastian Bach
Following the darkest Suite, the 5th in C minor, this is a powerful, exuberant and beautiful piece. From the opening buoyancy of the Prelude to the reflective Sarabande, and finishing with the wild Gigue, it is a journey of renewed optimism and strong spirit as Bach turns over a new leaf.