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John Richards

Influential DJ, “John in the morning” from KEXP

Ennio Morricone – Moses Theme
One cannot start a list of Passover songs without the Italian composer’s theme to the 1974 mini-series “Moses The Lawgiver”, a truly awful show that cast Burt Lancaster as Moses but featured the incredible work of this renowned composer.

Joe Strummer – Get Down Moses
From the late great Joe Strummer’s look at Moses; “Once I got to the mountain top, tell you what I could see. Prairie full of lost souls running from the priests of iniquity. Where the hell was Elijah? What do you do when the prophecy game was through”.   He goes on to sing “Get down Moses, part another sea.  Carve another tablet out of L.S.D.”

The Black Angels – The Sniper at the Gates of Heaven
From the album “Passover” this ominous song places a sniper at the gates of Heaven JUST as you think you might have made it to the promised land.  The opening lyrics as follows; “Where do you go when heaven calls you, What do you do, who do you turn to, All over your knee when they finally catch you, Don’t stop moving they’re right behind you”.  Yikes.

Joy Division – Passover
To say that a particular Joy Division song is darker or more depressing then other songs in their catalog is saying a lot BUT “Passover” is just brutal in it’s outlook on life from a view point of Ian Curtis (who would take his own life) and tying it into a message that religion may not be able to save those that are already lost.

Alec Ounsworth – Holy, Holy, Holy Moses
The Clap Your Hands Say Yeah front man takes the story of Moses and plugs in the flooding disaster that was Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans as a symbolic view of the waves crashing in on himself.   “Holy, Holy Holy Moses.  Don’t you fear me holy Moses? I have put your portrait in the sand.  High tide coming in like New Orleans”