Seder Today

Ian Moore

Renowned singer-songwriter and guitar player from Austin, TX

Family Affair – Sly and The Family Stone
When i think of the passover dinners I attended, there would always be a diverse collections of characters, some wealthy, some wise, some having a really hard time, but everyone was welcome at the table. Passover has that quality where the destructive natures and the more constructive ones can all share a table. “Blood’s thicker than the mud”

Today – Ian Moore
I wrote this song about my fathers and his death, when he was still alive. Beginning to imagine what that might mean to me. Reflecting on his life as a Jewish Buddhist scholar – and his journey from east to west. Towards the end of his life he began to associate as a Jew, the song parallels his journey, beginning with a New Orleans second-line funeral march rhythm, and continually arcing up into retrospective smear of important points and places, before revisiting the opening line as a final goodbye:  ‘Lay me in flowers, sweet magnolia, New Orleans style, Play me a funeral procession, second line rhythms, walk me that mile

Ghost – Neutral Milk Hotel
At a certain point in my career I put down my electric guitar and became a folk singer, it was a hard transition, with some harsh criticism. I remember playing Athens right when Neutral was coming up, the first time heard Jeff sing it hit was like my brother was singing. There was a depth that transcended the confines of pop music  Later I discovered that this album was inspired by the Journal of Anne Frank. It reminded me of reading the Journal at age 10,  and it being one of the first times that i had the feeling that my life could have been drastically different in a different circumstance.

Many Rivers To Cross – Jimmy Cliff
My grandparents were Russian/Polish Jews who survived the Titanic. It seems that struggle is in my genetic memory. I often feel like I’m on an eternal path; always struggling, always trying to find a place where the fight can end.

Come Together - The Meters
This song, in it’s original form is pretty quirky, using abstract lyrics to paint a vibrant picture. When Cyril Neville sings it, it becomes a funky gospel number, with the focus being less on the verse characters and more about the chorus line “come together, right now, over me”. I feel communion, company, and love, the feeling of a group of people joining in a gathering, in his delivery and emotion