Seder Today began as a series of conversations among Jewish leaders, interactive firm Civilization and the University of Washington Communication Leadership Department, and quickly grew into a graduate level course while adding a long list of notable advisors and partners to our team. This website is a work in progress, we look forward to expanding our community of collaborators in the coming months and years. We would love to hear your suggestions and big ideas for the


“I have spent the last twenty years creating dinner salons based on important global issues and the Seder has always been the primary inspiration. After the remarkable success of, which proved to us that a digital “product” can inspire transformational human gatherings, we decide it was time to help reframe Passover for the digital generation. Our project became mission critical when we realized that attendance numbers at the Seder table are in sharp decline, which is a trend that will continue if the younger generations are not given the tools to take an active and empowered role in Passover.” Michael Hebb, Founder of




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