Seder Today

April 10th and 11th, 2017

This is just the beginning! In the winter of 2015 we started a multi-year journey to bring new inspiration and a modern perspective to the Passover holiday. Sadly, many of our important rituals and ceremonies are in a state of decline. We love Passover and the Seder table and we want this important family ceremony to live long and prosper!

Passover recipes from some of our favorite chefs.


Seder anecdotes from the sublime to the hilarious.


We asked a few musical geniuses: What songs should fill our home on Passover?


We have partnered with Repair the World and their important Turn The Tables campaign to bring a conversation about gentrification to Pesach.

Turn The Tables

Two Los Angeles artists teach us how to reimagine the seder table.

Coming Soon